An Easy Mindfulness Exercise – Cutting Vegetables

I am sharing with you one of my favourite exercises that I learnt to help me practice meditation. After becoming a Mum,  I found it difficult to integrate meditation into my ‘new’ life, how on earth am I going to sit down for 10 minutes let alone 30? So I looked at other ways of getting around this problem.  I worked out that I needed to maximise the time I had, waiting for the kettle to boil, preparing food…all opportunities for me to keep up my practice.

Inspired by hearing Sister Ishpriya talk in Bristol a few years ago, I scoured the web for her guidance on this subject. In the video, she guides you through an exercise in focusing attention whilst cutting vegetables.  A really simple, and effective mindfulness technique that can easily be integrated into your daily life.

Meditation can take on different forms, one of which is mindfulness meditation or focused attention. Focused attention is very much like a muscle, one that needs to be strengthened through exercise. Like our body, our mind needs its muscles exercising too! Benefits include helping the brain to strengthen focus, and improving attention in day-to-day living, reducing anxiety and negative thought cycles.

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