My Story

It is a great privilege to help people manage fear, stress and anxiety – and ultimately lead happier lives. I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, with a lifelong personal interest in meditation, a rich performing arts history, and corporate experience heading up teams in production and project management. This multi-faceted experience has helped me hone my approach: a synthesis of therapeutic disciplines that informs and supports my work – with everyone from junior doctors suffering exam anxiety, professionals struggling to manage stress, to world-class recording artists and actors looking to improve their performance.

My journey is one of transformation: it’s the motivation behind my vocation and the positive change I seek to inspire in others.  Following family trauma in my early teens, I suffered from PTSD that affected my self-esteem, confidence and performance. Through therapy and personal practice, I learnt how to feel more comfortable within myself, and better manage distorted thought patterns and emotions. This empowering sense of control and resilience improved my quality of life and my ability to cope with problems – it was life-changing. My interest in helping people; my curiosity and interest in psychology and personal stories grew out of understanding character and performance, as well as interactions with friends, family members, mentoring students and team members – I have always had an empathy for other people’s problems. After 10 years of experience working in private and public sector roles, I went on to explore the mind and body in greater depth, both through academic study and personal practice, later qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Outside of the office, I deepen my understanding of mindfulness and compassionate awareness through daily practice, as well as attending CPDs, retreats and workshops.  I am currently researching critical incident stress management.  Having performed and written comedy for Radio and TV, I understand the challenges and joys associated with creative expression; I am a classically trained Violinist and hold a BA Hons (The University of Kent).  My interests include watching comedy, meditation, theatre, history, international relations, and teaching my son the power of curiosity. I feel passionate about looking after Planet Earth, community, and enjoy the positive effects of laughing, music, and spending time in nature. I love pilates and yoga. Having lived most of my life in London, I moved to Bristol 13 years ago, so I split my time between both cities. I am a member of TreeSisters a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care.

Qualifications & CPD

I am wholly committed to personal and professional development; understanding and applying the latest research in stress, anxiety, mindfulness, solution-focused hypnotherapy and neuroscience. I am committed to my responsibility as a practitioner to the client, to maintain a professional duty of care fostering my self-knowledge, integrity and self-care. I currently hold the following relevant qualifications, professional body memberships and certifications:

CPDS (Continuing professional development courses and conferences)

  • Est. 2020 – Diploma in Mindfulness – Complimentary Medical Association
  • 2019 – Exploring Stress Theories and Solutions – Helen Green BSc(Hons) Psych. MPhil.Psych. CRM (Dist.). DHP. HPD
  • 2019 – Treating General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Panic Attacks – Wale Oladipo DIP CS MNCS
  • 2018 – Ethics & The Hypnotherapist – Jade de Snyder BSc Psy MA DSFH DHP HPD
  • 2018 – Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Critical Voice – Wale Oladipo DIP CS MNCS
  • 2017 – NCH Conference at The Royal Society of Medicine
  • 2017 – ACT; Clinical Application of Mindfulness & acceptance-based strategies – Nick Cooke D Psy. FAPHP
  • 2016 – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Levels 1 and 2 Practitioner – Sam Neffendorf
  • 2015 – Neuroscience – Dr Naeem Iqbal
  • 2015 – Disordered Eating – Paul Appleton MNCS (accred.), DFSH, HPD AfSFH, MNCH (Reg.)
  • 2014 – Mindfulness application in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – Matthew Dyson DHP HPD
  • 2013 – NLP Skills in Hypnotherapy – Anji Holland DHP HPD
  • 2013 – CBT Skills in Hypnotherapy – Anji Holland DHP HPD
  • 2013 – Working with Children – Susan Rodrigues DHP HPD
  • 2013 – Psychoneuroimmunology and the Impact of Hypnotherapy on Disease – Dr Ken Murray

I look forward to hearing from you

To arrange an appointment to see me at my clinic at Comfort Health Clinic in Clifton, Bristol, please call me on 0117 214 0706 or email me  Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch by filling in a contact form by clicking here. Bristol is a short hop on the train from London Paddington.

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