Boost Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Confidence is a skill that can be developed, and built upon – everyone has the ability to enhance their self-confidence. Self-confidence refers to having faith in our own abilities, and acceptance of mistakes and what can be perceived to be ‘negative’ outcomes. Those who have healthy levels of self-confidence are often more positive about their abilities, and have a more positive view of themselves, whereas those who lack this quality, generally have negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities. Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer with and can be a result of many factors like fear of the unknown, low self-esteem and fear of other people’s perceptions. This lack of confidence can hold us back from developing both personally and professionally.  This is usually why those with low self-confidence seek to develop their confidence level.

Hypnotherapy helps to build confidence so that, through practice, it becomes a deeply ingrained quality. Deep-seated false beliefs can, for one reason or another, end up in our unconscious and deplete our confidence. Hypnotherapy helps us to let go of false beliefs, and over time, replace them with new, positive beliefs that enables our confidence levels return to how they would be naturally. Boosting self-confidence can completely change our personal and professional life for the better. An individual may note this shift by seeing positive changes in their behaviour, body language, voice, and how they react to certain situations, trusting more in their abilities and improving their quality of life. After sessions, clients have noticed knock-on benefits in their career and relationships, thereby feeling more comfortable in social environments.

What happens in a session?
Following an initial consultation, a typical session lasts 55-60 minutes. To begin with, the goal is revisited and then, through positive, goal-focused work using questions and suggestive statements, we challenge your limiting beliefs. Hypnosis is used at the end of the session. This is a deeply relaxed state, where the mind is open to suggestion and positive change. By using hypnosis, we have ‘access’ to the unconscious mind where those false, limiting beliefs are stored. In this state, the client ‘cements’ all the work done so far, reinforcing ideas that have been discussed, allowing the unconscious mind to start connecting with the idea that the client is a confident individual. This then translates to the conscious mind, thereby changing the thought patterns, behaviour, and how the client feels about herself.

‘Confidence has long been a barrier in my life and when I was asked to do a presentation I decided to be proactive and try hypnotherapy to help me overcome this obstacle. Annette has helped me increase my confidence levels through hypnotherapy and breathing techniques. Annette has shown me that small changes can have a big impact.’
Laura, 35, Bristol

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