Can Hypnosis Help you Sleep?

Many of us suffer from sleep issues, including insomnia, that can have a negative impact on our emotional and physical health. It can be difficult to concentrate, our self-esteem may plummet, blood pressure is raised and we are more at risk of stroke and heart disease. Sleep is vital for our wellbeing and when insomnia takes a hold we need to do something about it. Most people know about hypnosis for anxiety and depression, but it may also help you sleep well.

What Exactly is Sleep Hypnosis?

This form of hypnosis is guided by a trained hypnotherapist who uses verbal imagery and guided meditation to create a trance-like state of mind. You will feel calm and relaxed and will then fall asleep. Your hypnotherapist will be able to see what works for you and create a guided plan for you to use at home. Very often, deep-rooted anxiety is at the core of many sleep disturbances.

How Sleep Hypnosis can Help your Insomnia

Sleep hypnosis is particularly useful in individuals who have insomnia as it can help to relieve stress while enabling the body to change to a deeply restful state. You may feel anxious about not being able to fall asleep, or it may be anxious thoughts that wake you up. Hypnosis can help tackle these problems.

How is Hypnosis Induced?

This is what many people are anxious about, but there really isn’t anything to worry about. You’ll feel very much as if you are daydreaming and will not be fully engaged with your environment, but you will be safe. Rather than looking outwards, you’ll be looking inwards, focusing on feelings, memories and emotions. You will be guided towards sleep.

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