Have you tried Hypnotherapy for Fear of Public Speaking?

There’s nothing worse than feeling anxious prior to public speaking, especially if it’s part of your job. The sweaty palms and knot in your stomach won’t abate as your anxiety levels rise. At some point in life, you’re likely to be asked to speak in public, whether that’s a work presentation or at a public event. If this is something you struggle with Hypnotherapy for fear of Public Speaking could help.

How can Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety help?

Hypnotherapy uses the power of positive suggestion to influence a change in behaviour. In the case of public speaking, it can prove useful to feel a little nervous and have adrenaline pumping, but when that overreaches the ‘fight or flight response’ kicks into excess, which can result in a mental block or stage fright. Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking has been shown to help manage these arising fears and conquer overwhelming nerves, allowing you to command the stage in peace. At my Hypnotherapy practice, I use psychological and physiological tools to alleviate performance anxiety.

Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress relief

Stress can often manifest at a time of change in life, whether that’s a relationship change or the death of a loved one. Even perceived ‘happy’ events, such as a baby’s birth or marriage, can actually create underlying stress. By using Hypnotherapy for stress issues, you’ll be taught techniques which you can use again in the future at home when you feel stress arise. To assist my clients to gain perspective on stressful situations, I working to ‘reframe’ a situation, allowing the client to view it from a more robust vantage point.

Recognising when you need a little help

Learning how to acknowledge anxiety and stress is a positive step in self-care. Hypnotherapy is shown to assist with everything from pre-exam stress, overcoming personal fears and phobias, to the ability to stand on stage and enjoy the moment. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and book in a session.