How Hypnotherapy Can Ease Your Exam Worries

There many reasons why people feel pressure during exams. Firstly, there’s the mental strain caused by hours of revision. Added to this, many people often experience high levels of anxiety – they may feel that they are failing to put in the same amount of hours of revision as their peers, or could be harbouring feelings of fear about how they will cope under exam conditions. If these feelings of anxiety are left to linger, they could have a severe negative impact on performance when the examination day finally arrives. Feeling stressed for prolonged periods can affect sleeping and eating patterns, which can have a detrimental effect on both the body and the mind.

But, with the right mindset, exam nerves can be managed more effectively. Hypnotherapy for exam anxiety can help you achieve a calmer, more focused approach to your revision and exams. It can help to condition your mind to overcome thoughts such as ‘What if?’ and ‘Everyone’s coping better than me’. By managing feelings more effectively, as well as cultivating a more positive mindset, anxiety levels can reduce, enabling better focus and concentration.

Hypnotherapy also uses visualisation and breathing techniques, which well researched and evidence-based performance tools in order to help the client mentally prepare for exams. In a typical session, you’ll be taught a range of techniques that you can call upon throughout the exam period. So whether you need some positive visualisation to help to regain focus, or a breathing exercise to calm you down before entering the exam hall, Hypnotherapy can help.

If you’re worried about exam pressure and think you might benefit from Hypnotherapy, Bristol-based Hypnotherapist Annette Sloly can help. Annette has a wealth of experience in helping clients with exam worries. Annette has also helped clients overcome a whole range of issues, such as fear of public speaking to weight management issues. Call Annette direct on 0117 214 0706 or email

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