Hypnotherapy for stress

Research shows that about half a million people in the UK experience work-related stress that they believe is making them ill. Changes in our lives, such as the death of a loved one, a new relationship, a demanding job or job promotion, the birth of a child can also cause higher levels of stress which often affects both mental and physical health. Stress is not a ‘one size fits all’, you may find a situation at work stressful; yet another person on your team appears fine. For example, some people can find public speaking fun and comfortable, whereas others dread presenting and exhibit signs of stress.

‘Happy’ events such as marriage or moving house can also cause stress as the pressure of time, family and expectations mount. The aim should be to find effective ways of managing stress. Hypnotherapy is proven to be highly effective for managing stress, helping you to actively reduce your stress levels and teach you techniques that you can continue using in the future. By learning how to ‘reframe’ the situation, one can rationally and honestly discuss positives and negatives, and work out the steps needed to take in order to gain some perspective and clarity on the situation, viewing things from a stronger, and different vantage point.  Below are a few tips that are included in my strategy.

  • Take a break from the stressor – It may seem difficult to get away from a big work project, or a growing credit card bill, but taking a break (e.g. 15 minutes out of the office to go for a walk) can help.
  • Exercise – If you don’t have time to go the gym, or for a run etc. then seek out (small) opportunities. One of my clients decided to walk to work today rather than drive in. Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals, otherwise it won’t work. How can you adjust things a little in order to make it work for you? Be realistic.
  • Get social support – Connect with friends and family – don’t have time to see them? Connect via what’s app, facetime, email or skype. Or, find a group at work (if you are lucky to have this resource) or start one up, or go to the many meet-ups in Bristol. You are not alone!
  • Learn Relaxation – One well researched tool is to learning how to use guided imagery. With guided imagery, you imagine yourself in any setting that helps you feel calm and relaxed – By imagining ourselves in a relaxing place, we send a signal to that body that it is safe to relax. Relaxing is a wonderful way of helping our mind and body learn self-regulation, where we can learn how to take control of our breathing and cultivate a better feeling of calm in our body. Stress enables the fight or flight response, so anything we can do to calm our body down, is of great benefit, helping us to manage stress.
  • Smile and laugh – Find opportunities to watch comedy, connect with a friend who makes you laugh – get some light relief and serotonin flowing which helps us manage stress.

If you are ready to reduce your stress and feel more confident, then take the first step to meet me at my clinic at Comfort Health in Clifton, Bristol. Please contact me on hello@annettesloly.com or call me on 07908 175 499 to make an appointment. Alternatively fill in a contact form here.

“Annette has been fantastically helpful for me, straight from the first session I was sure that I’d made the right decision in booking a session. She has really helped me transform how I deal with stressful situations. I am now able to take a step back from challenges and think clearly in making decisions. In addition to this she’s helped me learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques, which have helped me to really develop a feeling of calmness and reduce anxiety. This has had an immense impact on my life as I feel I can now be myself in all situations, without anxiety holding me back.”

Jack, 28, Manager