All sessions are conducted online using Zoom, an easy-to-use, safe video conferencing platform chosen for the additional encrypted security it offers, which makes it more confidential than platforms like FaceTime or Skype.

Online video sessions

Consultation and subsequent sessions
70 GBP

Students Consultation and subsequent sessions
60 GBP

Critical Workers Consultation and subsequent sessions
63 GBP

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Consultation and subsequent sessions
80 EUR. 95.8 USD

Critical Workers Consultation and subsequent sessions  71.96 EUR. 86.2 USD

Students Consultation and subsequent sessions 
EUR. 82.13 USD

These figures are based on publicly available conversion estimates against Pound Sterling from Google, as of February 2021. You may find that the exact amount in your local currency varies due to current events and your bank’s own conversion rates.

Some clients choose to use some of their training or wellbeing budgets in order to pay for their sessions, it is worth considering that this is also an option, especially for clients seeking help with public speaking, anxiety and stress management. Hypnotherapy is also offered through some private healthcare providers. Private health cash plans allow you to spread the cost of certain healthcare expenses, for a regular monthly premium. There are a variety of companies that provide this, with a range of benefits and costs. You can access the list here

For the
NHS to fund or part-fund treatment with a fully trained, qualified and registered hypnotherapist, an application will need to be made to the Clinical Commissioning Group. As a first step, your own GP will need to contact your Local Commissioning Group on your behalf. The LCGs are made up of managers and GPs who decide where best they want to spend their money. The LCG will then contact the CCGs who consider the request. Please note, this is at the discretion of your GP/surgery.
To arrange an initial consultation, please contact me direct on 0117 214 0706 or email me at hello@annettesloly.com


If you wish to cancel a session, please be aware that a strict cancellation policy is in place. This is standard practice for therapists. 24 hours notice is required otherwise the full cost of the session will be due. This includes the initial consultation. Please email me directly at hello@annettesloly.com to reschedule the appointment. This is to ensure fairness to other clients who may need that appointment and for those clients on the waiting list.  Exceptions can be made for medical emergencies.


I have had the pleasure of supporting a range of individuals from all walks of life in both the public and private sectors as well as in specialist areas of performance psychology.

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Online Sessions

Supporting your mental health online – It is a privilege to support individuals who need help to manage their mental health from the comfort of their own homes with online sessions.

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Click below to read a selection of testimonials and success stories from clients that I have had the pleasure of supporting over the last 8 years to improve their mental health.

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