Anxiety is a very natural thing, felt by all human beings. It can be experienced by anyone, and, like stress, it initiates a response that is commonly known as the fight or flight response. When you imagine that you are in some kind of danger or you imagine something dangerous could happen, the fight or flight response is activated. Anxiety is often a response to an imprecise or unknown threat.

Although most people experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing particularly stressful situations (such as a public speaking or presentations) anxiety can be so severe that it disrupts you going about your daily life in a calm, controlled way. Often, people choose to avoid situations that may raise their stress levels and cause the flight or flight response but this can lead to not being able to achieve your full potential or being unable to develop deeper personal relationships. Anxiety can manifest as panic attacks, constant worry, muscle tension, or butterflies in the stomach.

Following an extensive review of the existing literature on hypnotherapy, the British Medical Association concluded that hypnotherapy was not only effective but may be ‘the treatment of choice’ in dealing with anxiety (‘psychoneurosis’) and stress-related (‘psycho-somatic’) disorders.

“I’ve been seeing Annette for over 6 months now and can honestly say our work together has changed my life. I saw a real change within the first 12 weeks but continued seeing her well beyond this time to deal with other issues. Annette has a truly unique approach, combining hypnotherapy with a style of talking therapy that helped me confront and change some long-held fears and thought habits that were really impacting my life. Having initially booked to see Annette to address anxiety issues around a previous cancer diagnosis – and with a healthy dose of scepticism that hypnotherapy would work – my work with Annette has since supported me throughout a challenging first pregnancy and also helped me address some long-standing self-confidence issues. I’m more calm, content and confident than I’ve ever been in my life- a result Annette would insist was all down to my own work but which I know I could never have achieved without her gifted insight, guidance and support. My only wish is that I’d found Annette 10 years ago! – Highly and thoroughly recommended.”
Francesca, 30, Writer

Hypnotherapy helps the individual to manage anxiety by understanding why it happens, and what you can do to reduce it. I will teach you relaxation and stress reduction techniques to help you manage your anxiety and help you to change your thought patterns around the situation or event, commonly called the trigger, so that you are comfortable applying yourself to tasks that may have in the past caused you concern. You will learn how to see potential barriers from a fresh, clear, manageable perspective, whether that is thinking about situations from the past, present or the future. In hypnosis, you will have the added benefit in that you can apply guided visualisation that will relax the mind and body when visualising previously ‘stressful’ situations and release emotion from it.

If you are ready to manage anxiety and feel more at ease, please contact me on  or 0117 214 0706 to make an appointment. Read about the sessions, recent testimonials and keep up to date with recent blog posts here.

My Story

I have ten years of experience in coaching, mentoring and Clinical Hypnotherapy; working with everyone from professionals to manage stress, to world-class artists and actors looking to improve performance.

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As a registered and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am required to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through workshops, courses, supervision and personal development.

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Click below to read a selection of testimonials and success stories from clients that I have worked with over the years. It is a real privilege to work with people to help them transform their lives.

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