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Exam Performance

Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, a racing heart and a blank mind are all common feelings before or during an exam.

Exam nerves can negatively affect your performance, no matter how much you have revised.  I have helped many people from University students, Accountants to trainee Lawyers improve their exam performance by helping them adopt a more positive, confident mindset, which means they were able to motivate, focus their minds and manage nerves.

“I went to see Annette because I had high exam nerves, I found that no matter how much work I did leading up to the exams I just fell down on the day through panic and anxiety. Thanks to Annette I was able to pick myself up and think a lot more positively and managed to develop a great balance of nerves and relaxation leading up to and on the day of my exam. I felt like a completely different person by the end of our sessions. Thank you!”
Laura, 21, Chartered Accountant

Learning how to initiate feelings of calm and relaxation will improve your focus and confidence, and when it comes to performance day, it means that you are more likely to perform to your full potential. So we work together to create a toolkit that you can use that might include a combination of relaxation tools, visualisation and empowerment techniques. I support you to cultivate a more positive mindset that can empower you and help you manage anxiety, often leading to increased concentration levels and improving recall.

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