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Peak Performance

There is a difference between an adequate performance (when you are over-anxious about the outcome) and getting ‘into the zone’ or ‘in flow’ and delivering at peak performance.  Getting into the zone is that feeling you get when you are fully in the moment, totally focused on the process and operating at the peak of your ability. However, worry, anxiety and unhelpful thoughts will negatively impact on your ability to reach optimal performance.  Your conscious mind is often the biggest obstacle to achievement but the good news is that hypnotherapy can help calm your inner saboteur and set you on a path to unlimited positive flow.  In most fields, the role of mental skills training has been accepted. Law, sports and the military are just three diverse areas where assistance with the ‘performance’ is a given.

“Annette has been a huge help for me in my performing life. She has given me the tools to find confidence and strength, and to centre myself at difficult times. It is always a pleasure to go in and see Annette for a session. . .”
James, 21, Professional Actor

Hypnotherapy can help you if you’re auditioning for drama school, or auditioning for a part in Hollywood. It can bring calm to the thought of delivering a one off best man speech and powerful presence to the seasoned public speaker.  My strategy uses the tools of performance psychology including managing self-talk, creative visualisation, goal setting, raising awareness, building self-trust, managing thoughts and mental rehearsal to develop positive expectations and belief which will help increase skills, stay focused, emotionally balance and improve performance.

I have supported international clients including actors, world-class musicians and professional cyclists and equestrians to perform to the best of their ability. You can read some of their personal accounts and stories here.  If you are ready to reach your peak performance, then take the first step and contact me on or 0117 214 0706 to make an appointment.

My Story

I have over ten years of experience in coaching, mentoring and Clinical Hypnotherapy; working with everyone from professionals to manage stress, to world-class artists and actors looking to improve performance.

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CPD & Research

As a registered and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am required to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through workshops, courses, supervision and personal development.

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Click below to read a selection of testimonials and success stories from clients that I have worked with over the last 6 years. It is a real privilege to work with people to help them transform their lives.

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