Here is a selection of testimonials and success stories from clients over the years. I’m humbled by the courage, strength and transformations that have been my privilege to witness. Names have been changed in order to protect identity.

“I’ve been seeing Annette for over 6 months now and can honestly say our work together has changed my life. I saw a real change within the first 12 weeks but continued seeing her well beyond this time to deal with other issues. Annette has a truly unique approach, combining hypnotherapy with a style of talking therapy that helped me confront and change some long-held fears and thought habits that were really impacting my life. Having initially booked to see Annette to address anxiety issues around a previous cancer diagnosis – and with a healthy dose of scepticism that hypnotherapy would work – my work with Annette has since supported me throughout a challenging first pregnancy and also helped me address some long-standing self-confidence issues. I’m more calm, content and confident than I’ve ever been in my life- a result Annette would insist was all down to my own work but which I know I could never have achieved without her gifted insight, guidance and support. My only wish is that I’d found Annette 10 years ago! – Highly and thoroughly recommended.”
Francesca, 30, Writer
“I just wanted to thank you for really helping me to ‘re-train’ my brain to think more rationally. It goes without saying that it has helped to get me through some difficult recent and on-going personal circumstances. It’s been so empowering to be able to use these new powers in my working practice too which has been invaluable over the last few days… crisis resolved!”
Jenny, 48, Artist
“Annette is superb. I went to see Annette to help me quash my high pressure situation and exam day worries and nerves. I had an issue with being able to focus and stay calm under time pressure and would often find myself outside of my own head, my mind wondering and going blank and not being able to deal with the task in front of me in a cool, relaxed fashion. 6 sessions with Annette and my confidence was sky rocketing, I found myself being completely composed and worry free in the high pressure situations and being able to perform to my capabilities without anxiety or stress becoming a factor. Annette taught me to control my stress emotions and effectively remove them so the monkey on my back never reappeared. If it did, I was able to control it and continue as planned. The beauty of the results, from seeing Annette, were that this was all controlled without even having to think about it! I’ve got a fresh perspective and now subconsciously control any anxieties or ‘empty head episodes’ when I’m faced with similar situations. I would highly recommend Annette to anyone.”
James, 29, Finance
“Annette has been a huge help for me in my performing life. She has given me the tools to find confidence and strength, and to centre myself at difficult times. It is always a pleasure to go in and see Annette for a session. . .”
James, 21, Actor & Singer
“Annette has been fantastically helpful for me, straight from the first session I was sure that I’d made the right decision in booking a session. She has really helped me transform how I deal with stressful situations. I am now able to take a step back from challenges and think clearly in making decisions. In addition to this she’s helped me learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques, which have helped me to really develop a feeling of calmness and reduce anxiety. This has had an immense impact on my life as I feel I can now be myself in all situations, without anxiety holding me back.”
Jack, 28, Manager
“Over the years I have tried several forms of counselling to alleviate anxiety and insomnia, and in just 10 sessions of hypnotherapy I am dealing so much more confidently with life’s challenges and, for the first time in years I’m sleeping soundly! Many thanks to Annette for her exceptional skill and support.”
Fiona, 36, Health Professional
“I feel very lucky to have found someone who has at last properly helped me in a way that feels life-changing. Struggling with social anxiety for decades I now feel that those out-of-control feelings and consequently unbearable situations are now behind me. Annette has given me an understanding of my thought processes and I feel completed empowered by her sharing with me ways to deal with my feelings and emotions. She truly makes you feel like you have done all the work yourself, which is in itself a huge confidence booster. But I know I would not feel like I do now without the time I spent with her. The best thing about the positive changes are not just overcoming the specific social anxiety issue but I now generally feel happier, calmer and more confident in everything I do. I’m now completely intrigued by the power of my mind and will be back for more of your beautifully reassuring, fascinating and calming sessions, thanks Annette!”
Laura, 37, Artist
“I went to see Annette to seek help with a long standing ‘sniffing’ habit. It turns out that the sniffing and several other tics were related to anxiety. Through hypnosis and relaxation techniques, I can now control these tics. Thanks to Annette I am now far more relaxed and able to go to the theatre without my sniffing driving my wife mad!”
Ben, 32, Video Editor
“My anxiety levels rose dramatically after starting a new job. At first, the worries centered on work, but became wider and wider until pretty much anything unknown was beginning to worry me. I was suffering from panic attacks and stress-related IBS, and basically became agoraphobic. A friend suggested I try hypnotherapy. It is hard to express how much it has helped. My life has been transformed, and I am now returning to the confident, outgoing person I was before my anxiety issues. The support I received will go on and on after the sessions, as Annette has equipped me with the tools to remain positive, confident and calm whatever life throws at me. My self-esteem had been at rock-bottom and Annette helped me to build it back up. Essentially, the sessions have helped me become myself again. Thank you, Annette!”
Laura, 30, Lawyer
“I went to see Annette because I had high exam nerves, I found that no matter how much work I did leading up to the exams I just fell down on the day through panic and anxiety. Thanks to Annette I was able to pick myself up and think a lot more positively and managed to develop a great balance of nerves and relaxation leading up to and on the day of my exam. I felt like a completely different person by the end of our sessions. Thank you!”
Laura, 21, Chartered Accountant
“I work in quite a high-pressure environment and as part of that, have always had to make presentations to groups of people on a regular basis – due to a number of job changes in a short space of time I changed technologies a number of times which took me out of my comfort zone in terms of knowledge and expertise. Over a period of time this dented my confidence and I started to develop a fear of public speaking which even started to effect me on telephone conference calls and small internal meetings. It got to the point where it was a question of deal with this or change careers as I had become worn out by my own internal battle against this – if I was asked to give a presentation with two weeks notice, I would be anxious from the moment I was told to the moment I completed the presentation and then be in a virtual state mental exhaustion after the event even though I outwardly I would be OK during the presentation. After a local internet search I selected Annette as she had experience working with people who suffer from stage fright and I felt this was precisely what I was suffering from – from the initial consultation through to the subsequent sessions, I was able to understand the mechanics of my fear and as a result, agree rules for dealing with it. I would say I genuinely experienced an improvement from day one and now six sessions in I am actually being asked to represent my company making key presentations around the world. I still wobble from time to time but I have learnt to understand why I react the way I do and as a result, have learnt how to manage it to the point where it doesn’t overshadow my life and I can assure you it did!”
Peter, 47, Analyst
“Throughout my career I’ve felt a tension and fear of business meetings and presentations. The symptoms have been sleepless nights, nerves, but worst of all having a blank mind in the most stressful times. I’ve never really understood why irrational and involuntary responses took over at those times. Presentations were usually better than meetings probably due to the element of control – meetings were generally less predictable. At one point in the past I took advice from a psychotherapist whose remedy was continued exposure to the phobia in order to achieve a desensitisation, but years of exposure failed to have any measurable improvement. It was after a particularly bad meeting that I knew that I needed to try something different and after a little searching I found Annette on the internet. I was a hypnotherapy sceptic and it was a leap of faith for me to get in contact with Annette but I’m glad that I did. I’ve learnt an entirely different approach from Annette which is logical, rational and above all effective. I’m not saying that everything is perfect now but I’ve made a major step forward – I feel relaxed and more confident and I don’t experience the periods of high stress that I used to. For me at least there is also a realisation that now I’ve learnt some techniques for managing and conquering my fears it has to become a permanent lifestyle change and not a temporary quick fix. Thanks to Annette I feel that I have my anxiety under control for probably the first time.”
James, 54, Director
“I was recommended to Annette by a colleague as I wanted to overcome an increasingly overwhelming feeling of anxiety when giving presentations. It was particularly frustrating in that I had the technical experience and knowledge, I just felt an overwhelming sense of terror when approaching any kind public speaking which was getting worse and becoming out of proportion. My sessions with Annette were very interesting and for me it took a few before I noticed a very subtle difference in the way I was starting to process my thoughts. At this point and on reflection I realised that the presentations had become the focal point for my anxiety and in actual fact there was a lot of “fog” in my head that needed to be cleared away. This is what Annette has helped with. I now have a much better sense of calm which was previously missing, I also have a very sturdy set of coping mechanisms which I really needed so that I can move forward with a much greater sense of calm and purpose.”
Philippa, 48, Senior Accountant
“Having lost confidence in myself regarding speaking in front of a large audience, you can imagine my horror when asked to act as Master of Ceremonies for two days in front of 2,000 people. Annette has been amazing in helping me to calmly process the situation, deal with it and, ultimately, perform in a comfortable and relaxed way. Annette has a wonderful approach. Over the sessions I was able to train my thoughts to be positive about the lead up to the event and the outcome, in the process learning how to cope with the nerves and the pressure. She also gave me written tasks to carry out at home which really helped me to think rationally about my abilities and reinforce the belief that I could actually do it, and do it well. Thanks Annette – consider yourself fully recommended!”
Peter, 35, Marketeer
“I first saw Annette to tackle my anxiety of public speaking; in fact, any presentations I needed to do in relation with my business filled me with fear, so I avoided them as much as I could. I knew however that I needed to overcome this, as with a growing team of people in my business, I needed to be leading by example. I also had a huge fear of picking up the phone to people, and again, this I needed to overcome as my business would not grow the more I avoided it. With Annette’s easy manner, knowledge of her field, and complete professionalism, I not only came to understand my fears, but also adopted new skills to help alleviate my anxiety and move forward in a more positive way. I looked forward to every session with Annette and she has made a huge difference to my life, helping with so many more of life’s challenges.”
Nicola, 46, Sales Manager
“I had reached a stage in my life where I would wake up after an evening drinking with friends and wonder what I had done or who I had offended. I knew it was time to take control of my drinking, both for myself and for my marriage which was near breaking point. Annette helped me through this difficult time. I have taken control and other areas of my life have reaped the benefits too, such as obtaining my dream job. Annette is fantastic and I highly recommend her.”
Sally, 27, Solictor
“I went to see Annette to overcome an anxiety issue related to public speaking and situations where I felt under stress. I felt the issue was stopping me from being as effective at work as I could be. What I got from the sessions is so much more however. Annette helped me to change my perception on a number of levels. With the work we did together I came to realise that I had developed some bad habits in terms of how I thought about certain things. I’ve always spent time and money on making sure I’m physically healthy, but never before had I done this for my mind. It’s been the best investment I could ever make. After just a few weeks of seeing her, I feel so much happier, less stressed, more in control, relaxed and confident. It’s touched every area of my life, not just work. Annette has equipped me with a great toolkit for understanding and coping with public speaking anxiety, so much so that I’ve signed up to speak at a conference in the near future! I can’t recommend Annette’s work highly enough. If you’re unsure whether to get in touch with her, I would say it’s likely to be the best investment you could make and you’re worth it – get in touch with her! I wish I had done it years ago.”
Sarah, 44, Digital Director
‘After struggling for many years with anxiety, I owe a lot to Annette for helping me in finding myself again. I’d tried many different treatments and support groups but none stuck and offered me what I needed. Seeing Annette allowed me to focus on the future, to work on small achievable goals and regain my control and confidence. I had struggled for a long time with every day tasks, driving, going to new places and even being alone. Annette gave me the space to understand why my body and mind were re-acting to these situation, and suggested techniques to re-train my brain and thinking patterns. I began to see changes within my thought patterns and became more confidence in dealing with anxiety provoking situation. I could feel my wellbeing improving and see the positive knock on effects this had on relationships I held. I’m now living my life how I want too, no longer governed by my negative thoughts, Thank you Annette, you’ve given me more freedom and confidence than perhaps I believed I could ever have.’
Hattie, 30, Civil Servant

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