Unlock the Confidence you deserve with Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Public Speaking phobia and treatment

Many of us are very familiar with the feelings and physiological changes we experience when speaking aloud in public – whether you are delivering a speech or presentation to a crowd, or just stating something to senior members of staff during a meeting.

Whatever the situation, our bodies tend to help us by pumping adrenaline through our bodies to sharpen our awareness and focus. We might feel a shallowness or shortness of breath, our palms may suddenly start to sweat, or we might get the sensation of “butterflies” in our stomach.

Some degree of nervousness is completely normal in these situations, and in some ways, the mental and metabolic demand of what you feel in these situations will actually help you to perform better.

Unfortunately for some, this surge of adrenaline can become overwhelming to the point of being counterproductive – you might suffer from mental blocks, slur your words, and lose a sense of authority or conviction in your voice, which is often vital to effectively communicating your point in these situations.

Using Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you to change your perception surrounding public speaking, and mitigate the potentially debilitating feelings of anxiety that may be triggered within you during situations where you feel publicly confronted, exposed, or otherwise under duress.

By combining a number of relaxation, visualisation and empowerment techniques with talking therapy, hypnotherapy can help you to build the positive mindset you need to help address and manage your anxieties around performance, improve your focus and radiate confidence, making it far more likely that you will perform to your full potential.

Other helpful forms of Hypnotherapy

The changes in happiness, stress, and feelings of confidence and control offered by public speaking Hypnotherapy can often spill over and benefit other areas of your life.

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Annette Sloly is an experienced Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist BA Hons. DHP HPD DSFH CNHC MNCH (Reg). She helps individuals build self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience to manage fear, stress and anxiety and ultimately lead happier lives. Over the years she has had the pleasure of working with a range of people from all walks of life in both the public and private sector as well as in specialist areas of performance psychology – fear of public speaking, stage fright and optimal performance in the performing arts and sports performance.