What is Public Speaking Hypnotherapy and how could it benefit you?

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous before a presentation or when addressing an audience. But I have also seen many clients with stage fright so debilitating that they are unable to perform at all – or to the best of their ability. Whether you have your first public speaking debut on the horizon or you are a seasoned speaker suddenly hit by public speaking anxiety, Hypnotherapy has the potential to help you overcome the mental obstacles that are holding you back from speaking confidently to an audience. So, what are the possible benefits of Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety?

Enjoy Public Speaking

Stage fright can transform an enjoyable experience, such as acting in a play or delivering a presentation that you are passionate about, into a terrifying, embarrassing experience. Public speaking Hypnotherapy has the potential to help you regain control of your fears and emotions, allowing you to rediscover the joys of public speaking.

Manage Negative Thoughts

If prior to speaking publicly your mind becomes overwhelmed with negative thoughts and all the possible things that could go wrong, public speaking therapy may be able to help. Through goal-setting and positive visualisation, these are some techniques that can help you to kick nerves and negative fears to the curb.

Take Back Control

Don’t let fear and anxiety take control of your body. Hypnotherapy uses a mix of both psychological and physiological tools and techniques, potentially helping you to be able to walk out onto a stage with complete confidence. Once you have learned how to master your nerves and emotions, your potential for public speaking is limitless!

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy combines clinically proven therapeutic techniques (talking therapy) with Hypnosis (trance) to help people make positive changes and improve their quality of life. Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change throughout life. We can strengthen and grow new pathways through the repetition of thought and behaviour, and that can happen throughout our lives. Whilst we are in trance, our brains are optimally primed for plasticity, enabling positive new connections to form and create change in our thoughts and behaviours. Interested to learn more?

I have helped individuals who struggle with a fear of public speaking, performing or presenting from established Actors, world-class Musicians, to partners in Law firms, so they can perform to the best of their ability. You can read some of their personal accounts and stories here.

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